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Robaroni 08-24-16 09:16 AM

The EV explosion
Have you guys noticed what's going on in EV's? The Tesla Model 3 already has over 375k $1k deposits and the Bolt with over 200 miles per charge is due out in October with VW saying it is going to go EV's big time after their inspection fiasco.

Should be interesting and of course the Koch brothers are funding "Fueling US Forward" and crying about EV incentives while the Petroleum Institute lobbies Washington for fossil fuel incentives.
The good thing is that the giants are fighting it out. Tesla, Chevy and EV's around the world with the technology will win in the end and the fossil fuel industry will continue to lose ground especially now that Climate Change is getting to the point that it no longer can be ignored.

Personally I'm waiting for the Bolt. I test drove a Prius just to get an idea of different cars but feel that Toyota has fallen behind. The Prius Prime 2017 runs about $32k and goes 22 miles on electric. The 2017 Volt, which I'm going to test drive this month, looks like a much better deal. The Bolt is on schedule for October and I can't wait.


creeky 08-24-16 03:44 PM

Can't wait. I'll be at the door waiting to test drive a Bolt.

I would really like something that doesn't look like a car tho. I don't need the back seat. My truck has proved that. I need someplace to put stuff. Maybe haul a small trailer. So a two seater with some zip.

I like the trike designs. Lighter vehicle. Longer range.

Robaroni 08-24-16 04:48 PM

Me too! That's why I'm holding off but I'm getting excited now that my local dealer finally has some Volts to test drive.

Cardinal rule - never fall in love with a car until you own it.

That has saved me more than once!


pinballlooking 02-27-17 11:15 AM

It is great to see more options. I still think a small EV truck would sell very well.
We now have 66,256 EV miles on our volt. Powering our car with the sun is amazing.

“Cardinal rule - never fall in love with a car until you own it.”
This is very true.

Some of the used Volt prices are very appealing. Those good used prices did not exist when I bought mine.

oil pan 4 02-27-17 05:44 PM

The petroleum market isn't going away any time soon. Alternative energy infrastructure creation is completely dependent on fossil fuels currently.
I think around half of all oil is used for on road fuel. So the petroleum industry will gripe and moan when there revenue and profits decline.
The smartest thing the oil companies can do is change with the times since they have a huge revenue base and massive capital to work with. Not changing with the times and dieing off would just be a waste.

I for one am looking forward to climate change. On account of it " making snowy winters a thing of the past". To me that sounds like the solution to a problem, not a problem in and of its self.

pinballlooking 03-03-17 12:09 PM

Here is a 2013 Volt 47,788 miles for $9,995.
There was no deals like this one when I was shopping for my car.
It is a lot quicker to cover the cars cost with solar savings with prices like this.

Someone else must have thought it was a good deal it is sold.

creeky 03-03-17 12:11 PM

So I jump into my old ford f150. 15mpg down. 45mpg back. Hmmm. My payback is going to be pretty quick.

randen 03-05-17 10:20 AM

Ev explosion
Tony Seba does a talk were he has a photo of a New York street April 1900 full of horse drawn carriages and one car. Then the follow up photo April 1913 same street not one horse in the photo all cars. That's only 13 years for total adoption.

The same complete adoptions and disruptions of recent years go to the cell phone and digital camera. Who remembers Kodak ??? You ask why, The tech is just better in many ways.

Here at the eco-renovators everyone is aware of the multi faceted ways the electric car out perform the internal combustion machines. Just better tech all-round.

Here at home we have already embraced the EV. I used to be a bit of a petrol head. Still have my Corvette, what a dinosaur. The little EV truck can take it. The acceleration smoothness no jerky gear changes no drone from the exhaust pipe, believe me that is annoying after the 1st half hour down the highway. But the best thing with the EV, I will be fueling up on sunshine.

The EV is just better tech.

I agree with Oilpan there will be gasoline around for a while, but I would find it hard to believe that the oil companies would not be feeling so confident in their future now.

With GM finally off sitting on their hands and producing a fully battery electric vehicle and the Leaf, E golf, BMW i3 starting to move. Its going to get quite interesting.

I would have to think when Tesla starts delivering the long awaited Model 3 later this year in mass quantities the total switch to electric drive will be inevitable and quickly progressing.

I think its a little disconcerting that the huge investment is underway for oil pipe-lines of which a lot of our tax dollars are fronting. When the big switch is made to electric drive those idled pipelines are going to be a big sore spot. Who's going to remove those unused pipelines. Those huge dollars could have went to incentives for EV's and charging infrastructure. Why should those funds solely benefit the oil business??

Wouldn't EV charge areas along travelled routes with kiosks powered with a solar awnings in which overproduction be sent back the grid be a better investment.?? I know, Tesla is already doing that with a lot of their Supercharge stations.

I think its very short sited that a standard for rapid charging hasn't been decided. The 30 amp J1772 isn't going to cut it (public charge stations). That's about 25 miles range per hour, "already obsolete". Tesla, Elon Musk said he would welcome other auto-makers to adopt their rapid charge system if they in-turn would help fund the infrastructure. No takers yet.

When you do buy your 230 mile range Chevy Bolt EV how are you going to make a trip with it.? There are only very few of the Chademo quick chargers. Come on GM!!

Tesla's got that one!! The GPS directs you to a Supercharger. You get out plug-in get a coffee (15min) un-plug and drive for another 4 hrs. Have a look at the Tesla Supercharge Network its already massive and it going to double as the Model 3 rolls out.

The futures FINALLY looking very bright for EVs


oil pan 4 03-05-17 03:36 PM

Since I belive only half to 1/3 of oil is turned into gasoline so even if everyone switched to electric vehicles that doesn't make the pipe line obsolete. The oil companies should be worried, gasoline production is a huge source of revenue.
That gasoline and gas oil will have to be hydroformed into heavier products. So there is no chance they will be stuck with tons of gasoline no one is buying.
Still have to make jet fuel for air craft, diesel for heavy movers to include farm implements and ocean going vessels, petrol chemicals for pretty much everything, lube oil for anything with moving parts, asphalt for roads and roofing.
You do realize the pipe line creates less job opportunities internal combustion engines since they were moving the oil by rail. No pipe line doesn't keep the oil in the ground. Due to a lack of generating capacity.
No pipe line just means the oil gets moved by less safe less efficient means through populated areas.

The 30 amp plugs are perfect for home charging stations.
You could wire a home for a super charger, but it might just be easier to run a second service drop for it and that if it doesn't over load the neighborhood overhead lines and transformers.
The only place that might not be able handle the large influx of vehicle charging is California since some summers they can't seem to keep the power on because of all the air conditioning going on.

ME_Andy 03-05-17 10:07 PM

If Tesla can make a profit on the Model 3, the other carmakers will be Screwed with a capital S. Chevy is reportedly losing about $9k on every Bolt (without considering government EV credits). Meanwhile, Tesla expects 22% margins, IIRC.

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