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Xringer 07-09-11 09:42 PM

New Tablet uses less power - Coby Kyros MID7022
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COBY - Kyros™ Internet 7" Capacitive Touchscreen Tablet

Got this Coby Kyros MID7022 at Toys R Us, as a learner tablet.
Coby MID7022 7 inch 4GB Tablet - Coby Electronics - Toys "R" Us
So far, it seems to be pretty nice. If I plugged in a Keyboard,
it would be very similar to a netbook PC..

One thing I don't like about holding it, it's a bit too wide for my hands.

Plays my Netflix pretty well, but the picture is not super, like a Mac Tablet.

I plan to use this to see if I have any incoming email etc (checking local weather & traffic),
so as to avoid turning on the desk top PC so frequently.
Or, coming in and waking up the PC after it has entered sleep mode..

Anyways, I'll post some more as I learn the ropes..


Coby Kyros 7-Inch Android 2.3 4 GB Internet Tablet with Capacitive Touchscreen - MID7022-4G (Black)

Xringer 07-11-11 08:57 AM

Still working!!
Here's a pic..

The software needs work, when it goes to sleep, it wakes up in slow net-speed mode.. :(
Trying out apps to keep the radio wide awake..

Phantom 08-05-11 03:04 PM

For the network issues go to the list of all applications and open settings.

To save more power down load the app "battery booster" it also allows you to set what features you want to have turned off when sleeping and when you turn it back on with some other nice features. Two more apps I recommend are AppBrain (better to search for applications, and you can install from your PC) and "Advanced Task Killer"

Daox 08-05-11 03:58 PM

Any more updates on how you like it? Would you recommend it over a netbook?

Xringer 08-05-11 04:01 PM

I got the sleepy radio thing fixed now, and the speed is 720p movie grade most of the time.

I've tested a few 'battery' minder type apps, but they were not too effective.

I use the tablet 2 or 3 times a day and recharge it about twice a week.
When I turn it on, it beeps and shows me which mail accounts have mail..
I'll check the headers and maybe read them and decide if I need to reply,
and if, I should turn on the old Dell or not.. :)

My wife likes a couple of the games, so that keeps her off the laptop..

I have a low powered FM transmitter coming soon. It will allow me to
rebroadcast web radio around the house and yard.
Meaning I can use my Sony Walkman to listen to web radio.. :)
(Or use FM radios in other rooms)..

Xringer 08-05-11 04:12 PM


Originally Posted by Daox (Post 15036)
Any more updates on how you like it? Would you recommend it over a netbook?

It's like a low powered netbook.. No way this thing could take the place of a netbook or laptop.

But early in the morning, when I just want to see the mailboxes and the local weather,
it's sitting right there beside my oatmeal bowl...
I've used it to scout netflix movies and when I find something good,
I'll make a note to watch it later on the big TV..

I don't use the touchscreen qwerty KB that much, so I might have been able
to get away with a smaller unit. I really like the looks of the new IPOD Touch.
But it was about $285 (w/ good ram)..

Daox 08-09-11 10:17 AM

After looking at these I decided to get one too. The price seems right and the wife wants something she can take with her during the day. The 7" screen is small enough to fit in a large pocket or purse. There is enough wifi where she goes during the day that she doesn't think she'll need cell service.

Xringer 08-09-11 12:31 PM

I don't know if there is a phone app that works with it, but if you want to get the
"Market" and learn about some of the bugs and apps, check here.

Coby Generation 2

Daox 08-09-11 12:45 PM

Thanks, I'll check that out. I'm new to the tablet/smart phone world myself. We looked at a smart phone for her before getting the tablet, but couldn't justify an extra $60/mo on the cell phone bill. So, we decided just go to with a small tablet.

If you have any suggestions on things to get or apps or anything, I'm all ears.

Daox 08-13-11 08:13 AM

How did you get it to wake up properly? My wife has noticed that issue and its quite annoying.

Other than that one issue, she loves it. She has been using it like crazy.

I plugged it into the kill a watt last night and found it pulls a pretty constant 5W. Not bad considering that would be a 75W load if it were my desktop or 30W load if it were the laptop!

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