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bpatton 11-15-17 10:01 AM

Mini air source heat pump build?
I used to have an account on here years ago but It must have been deleted in the time I wasn't active on this site :( So Im looking for a kind of springboard to kick ideas around on because no one I know has any refrigeration experience. I love phase change and have recently become interested in heat pumps after reading the manifesto. The hope is to eventually build a ground source heat pump for my weekend place but that is neither here nor there.
Right now Im looking to build a modular air to water chiller heat pump to use as a type of mini split system. The rental house I live in here at college has really poorly installed central air/heat. So I want to build a combination self contained outdoor water chiller. with heat The chill/hot water will be pumped inside to a simple little fancoil setup. The reasons behind not using a window unit are mainly aesthetics and security because my front windows face the street. Portability is a must because I will only be living in this house until the summer then will most likely move somewhere else where I can imagine this will come in use again.
I could jump in and just build something but in past experience lots of research has been beneficial for me.
I'm thinking of using a larger dehumidifier as the condensing unit outside and a brazed plate heat exchanger for the transfer to a very small water loop. Maybe an automotive heater core with a blower as the fancoil inside? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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