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Xringer 09-21-10 11:41 AM


Originally Posted by Heynow999 (Post 8198)
At the latitude of Toronto (43 degrees) the optimum angle for highest year round production is from 29 to 34 degrees. This would be he angle you would want for a MicroFIT system as it will give you the best return on your money. You will make a bit less in winter but it will be made up in summer.

Is '29 to 34 degrees' a little low? Is that mostly for summer?
I've seen a lot of recommendations for using the latitude for fixed mounts.

Solar Angle Calculator

Or, adding degrees..
Angle of Orientation

I'm glad my little array is fully adjustable.. :)

Heynow999 09-21-10 02:30 PM

both those sites are wrong if what you want is maximum production

I use the software from Natural Resources Canada called Retscreen. It's free if you are interested.

What I am looking at is what is the best angle for maximum production, regardless of time of year. Those angles in the links may be the best angle to give you a more even output over the course of the year, which you would want if you are off grid. For a feed in tariff you can put your panels at the optimum angle of 29-34 (for the Toronto area) and you will make much more in the summer and less in the winter but your overall production will be better.

It really depends what you are doing with the electricity, and when you need it.

Xringer 09-21-10 06:03 PM

That's kinda what I figured. Set for best summer operation and take advantage
of the sunny part of the year. Not near as much sun up north during the winter months.

My Tracker isn't going to earn it's keep, when the snow flies.
Might just turn it off, set for south (and low) so the battery can send the winter indoors.?.
But, if it's moving around some, it might knock off the loose snow.. :)

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