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strider3700 03-16-10 07:33 PM

my general garden prep involves well rotted manure dug in each fall along with lime and some bone meal. spring I turn it then add compost to the surface. I prefer manure tea for things like my peppers and tomatoes but compost tea works wonders as well. for my containers I use something called sea soil which is made locally and may not be available elsewhere. It's basically composted seaweed. Very potent stuff

Blue Fox 03-18-10 05:42 PM

Glacial rock dust is a good basic additive for everything, on your compost or in planting holes, and I've also had good results with alfalfa pellets, the kind you get for rabbit food, you can just sprinkle those around each plant and they slow release eventually breaking down completely.

I also read somewhere ( maybe? Sorry if you're not allowed to post links) where llama manure is one of the best fertilizers, and it's slow release too.

Also mulch with whatever you can find, chopped leaves etc, and let the worms do the work. Other than that, if you're not into playing in the compost pile, just get a couple of bags of steer manure from the garden center. Usually not too stinky, and you can put it around each plant.

Skerz 03-24-10 10:45 PM

Here is an informative link with several different fertilizing methods for several different applications.

Buyer's Guide for Organic Fertilizers

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