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Thanks for posting this valuable review!
The movie shows they have hardly any flex to them.. Good job!
I like the over-all quality. I think those ends are open for drainage.?.

It looks like they anodized the frame rail and then sawed it to fit. IMHO, it should have been anodized on the ends too.

I believe that holes in the center back rail is for grounding. (And maybe an area around it should not be anodized).?.

Just about everything I've seen on the web about mounting, shows them using clamps.

Unirac - Solarmount - DIY Solar Panels & Renewable Energy @ AltE Store

With Unirac being the most popular. They make a 40mm style that should fit your panels.

To my eye, those kind of clamps would make the panels easier to steal..

I only used two nuts & bolts for this test setup, but they are 1/4:20 SS with SS flat washer on the outside and a nylon lock nut (SS) on the inside.
The bolt is 3/4" long, so it can't hit the under-side of the thin-film..

My theory is, you not only need a socket wrench on the outside, but an open-end wrench on the inside to remove this hardware.
That locking nut will be kinda hard to get at and remove..

Plus, you don't have to worry about the nuts falling off because of wind and weather.
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