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Originally Posted by Xringer View Post
Yeah, the price is NOT right..

But the 'idea' looks like someone has been surfing these postings!

I have to admit, my vision of the PVC unit had the gray water in the outer jacket.
Since it's at such low pressure, there would be minimal risk of a flooded basement.

I just believe in keeping the 70 PSI (plus Hammer peaks) city water inside of some good old copper..
As to price, it's really not so bad, even with shipping. Now, that's not to say we can't build it cheaper.

I rather like the idea of having the copper for the waste line, the larger diameter and straight-through design would be less likely to foul and if clean-out were called for, it would be easier to do.

As Xringer intimated, I'm wondering if the pressure couplings on the water jacket would hold up to city water + hammer pressure.

Although I think it's overkill, many states will not accept a heat exchanger that carries domestic water unless it's double-wall construction, which this device is not. The GTX device is.

And I think this guy is missing the boat, in that if he oriented it vertically, it would equal or beat the efficiency of the vertical tube & coil heat exchangers, since ALL the surface of the waste line would be heat-passing area... EAGRAHAM, are you listening?

But I think it is a very good sign that someone, whether they mined the idea from Ecorenovator or not, is actually doing it... He actually put the idea into action and is offering it for sale at a reasonable price.

An aside to eagraham:
eagraham, you really need to do your own testing and include the test results, and re-write the terrible copy you have, where you worm your way around not actually giving efficiency numbers of your design. You also NEED to include a statement that this is not a double-wall device and advise your potential customers accordingly. It will greatly enhance your credibility at the same time that it will offer some protection legally. Then, if someone wants to make an end-run around your warning, the onus is on them.
But, all-in-all, he has shown us how to build it.



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