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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
You can do this set up right at the shower drain, or at the dishwasher drain, and get a little more heat than at the waste invert.

Also, you if can do a heat pump exchange in the sewerpipe:

then you can heat a home with as little as 5' of sewer pipe.
I think my city sewer pipe is about 20 feet under the street..
But, I'm wondering if there is warm air inside that long downhill run
of PVC going to the street??
I have a 90 degree turn inside a man-hole beside the house in the back yard.
I could dig up the cover and scan it for heat!
It might not be too hard to drop a folded back line down into that PVC..
Haha! digging down to a BTU mine..

I can just picture a couple of 80 foot PEX lines with an exchanger payload
on the end, slowly descending downwards towards that warm city sewerage..
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