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According to my wife last summer the power bill was up to $220 last year in July and August.
This year the highest power bill has been $130.
The big changes other than the split units are I added more insulation above the attic and replaced the big single pane with window a higher end lowes special order argon filled one.
In the bedroom it's got attic insulation up above now and modern double pane non argon filled windows in the bed room. I also upgraded the window light block from 1 inch urethane foam to 2 inch R-6.5 foil backed styrofoam insulation in both windows. My wife works nights so the darker, cooler and quieter the bedroom stays during the long summer daya the happier she is.
Earlier this July it was 104 or 105F out side, the 2 ton split was set to 68F because for some reason I was worried it might not keep the house cool. Well it did, my wife was in sweat pants and shirt and said she was cold.
I was working out side in the sun and coming in every 15 to 20 minutes to cool down a bit, I thought it felt pretty good.

This year I need to bring the house more up to code. I have to put up a fire wall between the garage and living room. I'm going to put more of that 2 inch thick R-6.5 between the garage and living room and put 3/4 inch sheet rock over that. Fire code says to use 5/8 sheet rock.
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