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When I saw the title of your thread, I was going to say compost until I read your post and saw that you had put it there already. I will still say it 'compost'. If you are buying the bagged variety, don't buy any with biosolids. You can also uses corn gluten. It is pretty expensive but will help block weeds as well as fertilize. I don't have much experience with green fertilizers since I often use the synthetic slow release kind. I am slowly moving toward green alternatives. It would be a good idea to know what your soil needs. Have it tested or test it yourself. No reason to add what you don't need.

Fish emulsion, blood meal, worm castings or living fertilizer such as clover or soybeans may all be good options.

You may be able to get some good ideas from Organic Gardening or the Rodale Institute. The Rodale Institute has done some interesting studies on no-till or low-till farming using cover crops.
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