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Originally Posted by lstaz66 View Post
Hey guys...Just wanted to add to the post if ya dont mind ?...Xringer..Its best you use Ox/Acetylene..Home Debot has a rig for $289.00 .Also you can use Silphos,FYI..You can probablly go to a local a/c wharehouse and buy single sticks,Instead of Packs.
I would pump down the system before Braizing the leak. If possible ?..Recover the refrigerant first..Braze leak..and vacuum down the system...Just a thought !!... I am in HVAC School learning the trade..By no means am I an expert..Funny thing..We are Braizing Now..Pretty cool stuff..And BTW ! Ya dont need the copper cherry red ! Oxy/Acetl. Gets hot pretty quick...When the flame is on the copper..The copper will turn kinda white...At this time ya wanna start your braze...
The Silphos when melted(Like water) will follow the heat..You can move it around your fix pretty easy....Good luck !!
Thanks for posting.. Can't pump it down, it's got a pin-hole, that would suck
in more moist air.. I plan to do that after the leak is repaired..
I need to get some more nitrogen, so I can flush out the air while making the repair..

I found the Home Depot rig on-line ($299.98 here)
and can't tell too much about it. I'm leaning towards getting the Victor
Victor 0384-0936 Genuine Portable Torch Cutting Welding
Since it's a brand name and I'll be able to get spares..
The Lincoln Electric Port-A-Torch Kit from HD can't be found on the Lincoln
Electric website.. And, there aren't any reviews around for it..

I'm going to try to get about 8 oz of Silphos sticks off Ebay.
So, I'll have some to practice with and maybe enough to do some hacking.

I'm also looking at a "VICTOR STYLE HEATING NOZZLE" at,
VICTOR STYLE HEATING NOZZLE ~ 4-MFA-1 for 100 Series - eBay (item 320688366136 end time May-20-11 04:02:50 PDT)
that will fit the Victor kit above.

It might work better than using the small cutting(?) tip that comes with the Victor kit.. Looks like a shower sprinkler head tip..

Maybe help out when trying to heat up 1/2" copper fittings..?. What do you think?
What kind of tips are you using in School??

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