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Default Brazing copper for HVAC?

Brazing copper seems to need very high temperatures..

What kind of rig would be good for small scale hacker apps?

I like this one, ($320 +$26 shipping).

GENTEC Light- to Medium-Duty Cutting/Welding Kit, Model# KA-51-TCPW | Cutting, Heating + Welding Torches | Northern Tool + Equipment

But, this one,

is only $60 at Home Depot..
Bernzomatic Multi-use Tote Torch - OX2550KC at The Home Depot

I've read it's hard to get the right mix with these valves..
More Oxygen bottles are about $8 at Lowes, when in stock..

And, what is an "Air-Acetylene Torch"??
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Thanks for your comments,

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