Eco-Modified Refrigerator Saves Energy & Money, Part 2

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by Tim Fulton on December 10, 2012

Last we looked at forum user Ecomodded’s fridge, he had added some additional insulation to it. This resulted in a very impressive 38%. That was only the first step though. He had a few additional modifications planned.


The next modification was adding a vent to the back of the fridge. The vent’s purpose is pretty simple. Ecomodded’s fridge has a fan that blows air over the heat exchanger coils. This air is drawn in from the bottom of the front of the fridge and exhausted out of the back of the fridge. The vent now directs the warmed air into the closet behind the fridge which keeps that warm air away from the fridge.


In addition to the vent, Ecomodded also added a flap in the fridge to hold some of the cool air in when the door is opened up. This is made from the same foam that was used on the outside of the fridge. It is flexible enough to still get at the food.


Last, but not least, he also loaded up the fridge with additional thermal mass in the form of water bottles. This helps displace cool air when opening the door and reduces short cycling.

All of these modifications resulted in an additional 14% reduction beyond the 38% initial reduction. The end result is a pretty nice .7 kWh usage per day. This was measured in the end with a kill a watt.

For more information on Ecomodded’s fridge, see his forum thread.

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