1000MW of Wind Planned for Inner Mongolia

by Tim Fulton on September 11, 2008

Image: drs2biz

When we hear about wind projects, it seems like we’re always hearing about Europe and the United States. When we hear about China, it seems like we’re always hearing about horribly polluting coal plants and toxic waste. However, today we get to hear about an ambituous Chinese project to install 300-1000MW of wind in Inner Mongolia.

This project, called the Ontniute Wind Energy Power Plant, will actually be made up of a series of smaller plants strung out across Inner Mongolia. This project definitely seems big on paper, but because Inner Mongolia’s wind power generating potential has been estimated at up to 101 GW, this project is still scratching the surface.

Expected to come online in 2010 or 2011, the Ontniute Wind Energy Power Plant could significantly boost China’s amount of wind power, which is still but a small fraction compared to coal and other sources in the country.

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