10 Reasons to Buy an Electric Mower this Season

by Tim Fulton on April 19, 2009

There is nothing like the roar of a gas mower on a Saturday morning to remind you that you’re living in an American suburb. But these days, those same mowers have come under fire for the comparatively high emissions they produce. Unlike most automobiles, they tend to be 2-stroke engines with little to no emissions equipment and are often well out of tune.

So, if you’ve been thinking about ditching that old gas-burner, here are 10 reasons to get an electric mower for this season:

10 Reasons Electric Mowers are King

  1. Less pollution: Believe or not, even the dirtiest of the coal-fired power plants spew less emissions than the average 2-stroke engine. With an electric mower there’s no more oil-burning smoke or the knowledge that your mower is one of the biggest polluters around.
  2. No more trips to the gas station: With an electric mower you don’t have to drive to the gas station with that little red container in your trunk anymore, nor do you have to check you mower to make sure you’re not running out of fuel (and then possibly run out of fuel).
  3. Electric mowers are quieter: With my electric mower I never feel like I’m choosing between uncomfortable ear plugs or hearing damage. Not only is it better for your hearing, but you’ll annoy the neighbors just that much less.
  4. Electric mowers are lighter: Electric motors can generate the same amount of power with a lot less mass. That means that your electric mower will be a lot easier to push around than a comparably powerful gasoline mower.
  5. Efficiency: Electric motors are more efficient. That means even though your electric mower is using a different source of energy, it’s also using less energy overall. Any way you slice it, that’s a good thing.
  6. Mowing with electricity is cheaper: Electricity is cheaper than gas for the energy you get out of it. Also, you need less electricity to get the job done. This results in a net savings for you. Sure, it may not be that much, but over the life of a mower it adds up.
  7. Electric mowers last longer: Less moving parts and less explosions mean that electric mowers have less problems and last longer. Since you’ll be buying new mowers less frequently, this will help save money and resources.
  8. Electric mowers require less maintenance: Similar to the above point, because there’s less to break on your electric motor you’ll find yourself doing much less maintenance. Sure, you’ll have to sharpen the blades the same amount, but there will be no more spark plug or air filter changes with an electric mower. Plus, your carb won’t get stuck and make the mower throttle uncontrollably (which happened to me in the past).
  9. No more pull starts: Don’t you just hate yanking that cord until the mower starts? Especially after it’s been awhile and it’s giving you trouble.
  10. Bragging rights: Sometimes it’s nice to be the first on the block with a shiny, new toy. Especially with all the talking points that come with electric mowers (see above).

So, if you’ve ever been frustrated with your gas mower or it’s just reached the end of it’s life, consider replacing it with an electric mower. They’re not prohibitively expensive, and you will find the savings add up.


1 PWKeim April 30, 2009 at 8:11 pm

I purchased an electric mower 3 years ago. It has been the best investment in house hold tools to date. I tell people I am using nuclear energy to cut the grass. The closest electric plant is a nuke.

2 hondo434 July 4, 2009 at 10:11 am

I have been using an electric snow shovel for over twenty years. By far are the easiest to maintain and use. The shovel clears a 12″ swath on each stroke and throws it up to 20 feet, much farther than I could throw it by shovel. It is light weight and easy to push. like pushing a broom.I can clear my 40 x 50 foot driveway very quickly, up to 6″ deep.
This is a great alternative to maintaining gas powered equipment. Although there is a place for gas equipment in remote areas, most “close to home ” applications can be handled with electric equipment.

3 Reid August 10, 2009 at 5:19 pm

They are great, until the battery dies. and I am going to go ahead and state that making the battery probably does some nasty things to the environment. And disposing of that battery when it dies is an issue. Also, the blades can be a huge pain to find.

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