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Daox 03-02-12 02:03 PM

Great article on blowing celulose insulation (includes lots of dense pack info)
Quite a lengthly Q&A article with a cellulose installer. They talk about blowing into attics, walls, cathedral ceilings, blowing dry, blowing wet... The list goes on.

How to Install Cellulose Insulation |

NeilTheCop 03-03-12 10:36 AM

I put the blow in insulation in my attic about 4 years ago. Worst thing I ever did.
No matter what I do, every time I climb into the attic, about 2 pounds of the stuff follows me back down. The mess in unbelievable,:mad:

Daox 03-03-12 11:55 AM

Sorry to hear that. But, if you don't do things right you don't get the best results. It sounds like you didn't get your attic ready before blowing it in. Its loose fill insulation. If you don't have some form of barrier its just going to flow wherever. I added cellulose to my attic about 3 years ago. Not one bit has fallen down and I've played around in my attic quite a bit after blowing the cellulose up there to do various things with using attic heat.

Here is what my barrier looks like. I used the foam because its what I had handy at the time. If I were to do it again I'd use wood.

After everything was ready I blew the insulation in and as you can see its all the way to the bottoms of the 2x4s I put in as a platform for storage if I ever needed it. Nothing falls out when I open up the attic access, and the r-value for the price of cellulose can't be beat.

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