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Post A little thought into the motor oil and biodegradable waste disposal service

Biodegradable waste can be collected throughout the home in kitchen spaces and garbage. The trash removal in Toronto offers some tips in their newest blog article in the disposal options of these biodegradable materials on which I would brief here a little.
1. Motor Oils: These are considered to be hazardous and are to be kept out of regular trash. One common mistake the homeowners do is to put the old oils for lawnmowers or vehicles with the regular trash and sent it to local landfills instead of facilities that manage hazardous waste. Having a conversation with the local mini bin rental service will help you understand and make the right choice for effective disposal service of hazardous waste.
2. Reduce Landfills waste: The local environment can still be damaged with the non-hazardous biodegradable waste. Some of the biodegradable wastes can be used to have a proper closed mini compost system in our yard that can help with the sustainability of our garden. Also the mini bin rental service in Toronto can help with other options for proper and safe disposal of these wastes rather than accumulating the landfills.
Biodegradable waste can play an important role in protecting our eco-systems and helping maintain its sustainability. The homeowners review their disposal options before sending biodegradable products into the local trash removal system.

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Ok, I would like to address bullet number 1 on your list: waste oil. Your information is a bit dated and obscure. For the average homeowner, there are two ways to get rid of the used oil: recycle it or burn it. Don't throw it in the trash. Besides the fact that is valuable, it can easily be renewed. Maybe or maybe not by you.

The number one method of recycling waste auto shop fluids (not just oil) is to return the product to your favorite local auto parts store. They are a dedicated collection center of automotive waste. They are required to take all of your used oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, transmission/hydraulic oil and dirty solvents. Not to mention old filters and auto parts. Look into the major auto parts chains, and you will see that they all have recycling programs in place that protect the environment.

Burning used oil isn't going to put all kinds of toxic waste into the atmosphere: burning 100 gallons of waste motor oil will release a million times more carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide than the few milligrams of trace elements it contains.

Waste cooking oil is actually less clean than used motor oil! I know this sounds wrong, but it is true. In a working engine, the oil is constantly being filtered by a 20 to 30 micron oil filter. Most of the black stuff in the oil is actually carbon. Some combustion by-products get into the oil, which is mostly water, which naturally boils out on long trips. There are trace amounts of stuff like copper, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, aluminum, and lead in used motor oil. Tiny amounts of unburned fuel end up in the oil, which boil out on long trips as well.

In contrast, there is a lot of "junk" in used cooking oil or grease. Mostly food particles and insects and dust make it into the oil while it is being used. In commercial operations, the used oil is screened or filtered before it is pumped, but in most home operations the oil isn't filtered. These large particles make a good breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria, and can cause the oil to go rancid in no time. The by-products in rancid used cooking oil are actually worse than the by-products in motor oil!

Take a guess what the number one disposal method for used cooking oil is:
Filter and mix with motor oil, drop off at auto parts store.

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